The Local Sprawl

Lands of the Tribe

The Arboretum
3126131-horizonzerodawn_screens_septevent_3840x2160_03.jpg It is thought that this was once a massive botanical garden that had grown far out of control.
Since then, it has become a wild forest that has evolved to the conditions of The Sprawl.
Massive artificial lamps and holography provide a day/night cycle, though environmental
malfunctions are not uncommon. As such, the plant life has developed a form of
chemosynthesis as a solution to power fluctuations. This place is home to the Arborean
Tribe who have made these steppes their ancestral home for generations. It is theorized
that the Pulse Divers had been the descendants of ancient Arboreans that discovered
the Devils Spine and Pump Stack.
The Plant
9c6b4baa024e5c17e083a242a5c28723.jpg The Plant is a massive structure once thought to generate power or manufacture goods
for consumption. It is now derelict, re-purposed, and serves as the hub to the tribe known
as Planters. Within the structure, the planters found machining equipment and materials
needed to manufacture a number of things, clothing, batteries, electronics, medicine, etc.
With the power of The Plant they are capable of making all of these things, however, the
planters chose to focus on Gas, Guns, and Ammo these days. The planters are
exceedingly good at building disposable and prolific weapons with a high rate of reliability.
Nearly every one of their tribe members is armed in some way, as such most disputes
are adjudicated via duel.
The Technomad Freehold Ghira
e34ee1959d0e180dd50387bfff2974ce.jpg The largest of the Technomad settlements. Ghira serves as a way-station for those who
travel the sprawl, a place to rest, a place to trade, and a place to trade for food
and other essentials. Like the desert settlements of the far past that spring up around
an oasis, this came to be because of an artifact that is capable of replicating food and
drink, in addition to some more mundane hospitality items. This artifact is considered
a modern wonder and is a closely guarded treasure of the Technomads. Technomads
have a number of rules and cultural traditions centering around hospitality, kindness
among strangers, and kinship among their members.
The Devils Spine
0c045124bde921d0b022804d909ab45e.jpg The Devils Spine, was once another means of accessing the surface for the the village
of Turbine. It is a series of winding staircases and access corridors that are woven up
the side of the structure known as the Pump Stack. It was, like the lift house, a fortress
and a thoroughfare that allowed for trade and defense. This was good for a while until
the Planters betrayed the Divers. In response to a marriage and an alliance that never
happened, the planters abandoned the mutual defense of the passageway during a
False Life invasion. This left the Divers with the little recourse but to defend the Devils
Spine and Pump Stack by themselves. The Spine eventually fell, and it forced the
Divers to seal the passage permanently. The Devils spine is now thought to be i
nhabited by a False-Life presence and is off limits to all but those granted permission
by the Turbine Village Chief.

Known Hunting Grounds

The Complex
original.jpg Once a large manufacturing center, it is now dormant. Strange things happen here,
malfunctioning machines, apparitions, and even reports of explorers seeing Ghosts. It
is thought by the loremasters that this place was once the cradle to an advanced elder
tribe, though, they are all gone now. While the dangers are great, this place offers
plenty of tech to salvage.
The Electric Field
3c76833cdc500f4003ec56065ebd2368.jpg This is a land where lightning arcs from towers of wires and jagged ariels. Powerful
components and cyphers can be found here as well as ports and access wells that
lead to sprawl infrastructure like the sludge pipes and energy conduits. Though once
thought to be a safe place to hunt, in recent years it has become more inhospitable
as Half-life and the Lifeless have moved into the area. With its proximity to the Devils
Spine and the Red Blocks, this is a dangerous area indeed. There is one area that is
noted as being a potential safe haven, however. The location known as The Rotting
Shrine is avoided by both groups of hostiles and is a favored area for explorers who
are willing to put up with the occasional apparition or anomaly.
The Builders Run
1955_tid_final.jpg Here a massive builder, crazed by continuous work with no rest, is continuously
building and rebuilding this zone at random. It is feared among the people of the
tribal lands that the builder would go insane enough to break free of its build-zone
and rampage through lands inhabited by humanity unchecked. That said, the builders
constant crazed construction produces in its wake artifacts and cyphers ripe for the
taking. However, this is an area frequented by False-life which makes venturing there a
dangerous prospect.
The Arboretum
78170e889f0a436b370e4187bb983b8c.jpg This is a primordial land of untamed beasts of metal and flesh. The treasures to
be found here are plentiful as the creatures all carry within them some form of
technology within their bodies. Further, much food can be found here as well if you
know how to catch it. This is one of the safest areas to hunt for artifacts.
The Blocks
124-13468.jpg Massive sprawling amalgamations of apartment complexes and high-rises form The
Blocks. Ancient humanity once called these places home, now abandoned after
countless millennia but still full of opportunities for treasure and discovery. When
traveling through these Blocks, the discoveries and dangers will be far more
unpredictable. In general, one can expect regional dangers to be most common.
In the Blocks to the north, you are likly to run accross Umbramen or half-lives as
your primary antagonists, with the occasional biobeast, apparition, or tribal raider l
urking about. To the south and west, you are most likely to encounter Accretian, or
Near-Deads as the primary threat with the occasional appearance by lifeless, feral
beasts, or apparitions. In all of these areas, you are likely to find the False-Life, but
especially near places of ancient power or significance to the Sprawl.

Dangers of the Sprawl

The False-Life
323b776d0ac08fecc35caef571729cd0.jpg The False-life are an enigma wrapped in destruction, disease, and death. It is believed
that the original purpose of the False-life was to act as protectors or as a ancient security
system. Now, they are exterminators to humanity. Routing and killing humans wherever
they make a home. These monsters are believed to be the cause of many a great elder
tribes destruction and they are spoken of as bogeymen in modern folklore. Rumors of
their capabilities range from entire False-life armies materializing out of thin air, to
massive engines of destruction that breath a pestilence that turns humans into more of
these monsters. Even the basic exterminator model is capable of great destruction, and
surprising durability. If encountered, the best tactic is to avoid them if possible. If that is
not possible, shooting or damaging their core with a heavy weapon is ideal.
The Half-Life
9cdb5f4d5b00007cf7447c9e67ca151e.jpg The Half-Life are a fanatic cult obsessed with the idea of evolving into a new form of life,
one they believe superior to either the Lifeless or Humanity. In essence, they are a
collective of individuals who have become monstrous via their madness for cybernetic
enhancement. Most of these hybrids go so far with their enhancement that they appear
no longer human. It is recommended that these be shot on sight if the advantage is
available. Rarely, it is possible to reason with them. In general, if they are outnumbered
or injured, they will run rather than stay and fight.
The Accretian
ce26430fa254abaa3c32ce42af7933df.jpg Another near-human tribe that is not overly hostile to humanity, but because of their
external similarities to false-life, they do not associate with humans who view them as
uncannily similar to various False-Life monsters. When they interact with humans it is always
through intermediaries or in the guise of humans. Accretian are most protective of places
they view as sacred and will react violently to anyone venturing into such areas. Their
motivations are a mystery, as is how they came to be. The Accretian seem to be
composed mostly of lifeless matter, but think and feel like normal humans do. It is
theorized that Accretian are either an ancient form of Half-Life or a kind of Lifeless given
human souls. Avoid confrontation if possible, be on your best behavior.
The Umbramen
8d1cada489a1d6495eb16022db33e267.jpg Are a xenophobic tribe of near-humans that live within the south-western blocks of
The Sprawl. They are a suspicious and secretive people, holding dominion over areas Tribal
Humans dare not claim due to danger or hazards. They are all athletically gifted and many
are capable of engaging in violent and potent melee. It is fortunate that they take great
pains to mark their territory and claimed hunting grounds. You will know the places they
frequent when you start to see the heads of trespassers on pikes or effigies made of rebar.
Though they do not attack unless provoked, the language barrier between them and tribal
folks makes negotiating any peaceful resolution to conflict difficult. If encountered, be
respectful, do not cross into their territory, do not look them in the eyes, and extricate
yourself from the situation. There have been reports of some Umbramen participating
in trade with the occasional Tribesman. Such events are rare and highly ritualized.
The Near-Dead
9a7080aa92e24a8f60eacf41dfd2b154.jpg A mysterious near-human group that seems to live in a constant state of violence. In fact,
it is suspected that violence may be their primary method of communication. There is no
rhyme or reason with these people, as far as anyone can tell. It would seem the only thing
they understand is how to inflict pain. Every member of this near-human group reacts
to normal humans with hostility, but show some degree of deference to each other. Some
believe their behavior is the result of disease or ailment for it is as if every one of them was
infected with pure rage. Avoid if they are in large groups, or kill on sight.
The Lifeless
33a9a687cd93bfdc7696de817847b764.jpg Lifeless are just that, without life. This is a broad term that could apply to any sentient
machine, biological construct, or even former city function that holds no allegiance to
the False-Life. Some are friendly, others are crazed and maddened by isolation, and
others obey an even darker purpose. Approach at your own risk. It is thought that some
of the Lifeless may be the result of some experiment in mechromancy as their apparent
mindlessness seems to follow some greater pattern.
Feral Beasts
2cda534809eafb5d51e0b7c6c4236917.jpg Biologically engineered creatures, hyper-evolved insects, rodents, biomech monsters, etc.
They all fall into this category.
0ab84bcccf49c648c397ec6da201972b.jpg Local Tribesfolk who aim to misbehave or rogue wastelanders preying on the people of
the Tribal Lands. These folks range from roving gangs of thugs to militia members out
for blood. These are criminals under tribal law, capture if possible. Else, lethal means
71c87e7d921cf49f776e6743dee7eecd.jpg Anything that can’t be reasonably explained. These entities are often weird,
inexplicable, or downright alien in nature and intention.

The Local Sprawl

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