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Playable Tribes and Factions

The ToLXa Resistance
yintion-j-post.jpg Not a tribe in the strictest sense, but an organization
working towards a common goal. They are a disparate
band of resistance fighters seeking to forestall the
inevitable extinction of mankind. The key influence
that serves to bind these disparate groups together
is known as ToLXa, a secretive organization that acts
as benefactor, frontline agents, and centralized
command structure in this never ending fight. The
place they call home is set in the ruins known as
“The Complex” where it is believed they are the
very last remnants of an Elder Tribe that inhabited
this region. “My Core for ToLXa, My Heart for Mankind”
The Technomad
Less a tribe and more an alliance of Mercenaries,
Scavengers, Wanderers, and Travelers. They are
bonded together by a shared culture that highly
values the conventions of hospitality and of familial
kinship. This nexus of this metropolitan and eclectic
culture is centered around the Freeholds that serve
as way-stations and trading posts to this far ranging
and nomadic people. Constantly on the move, their
policy is to avoid trouble where possible but one
must not misplace this avoidance of danger as a
weakness. When banded together in common
cause the Technomad families are a force to
be reckoned with.
“Hospitality Upfront, Family at your Back.”
The Pulse Divers
e2847039c76a574ae7086cdb0b6e45e5.jpg These people were once a nomadic group of hunters and
scavengers before they stumbled upon the figurative
mother load. Descending the pump stack that once drove
water throughout the great pipes of the Sprawl, they
founded and established a village in a unmonitored
maintenance section. From here the Pulse Divers of
Turbine Village crafted alliances that have stood many
generations and granted a stability not seen since the
time of the Elder Tribes. However, that stability is now
under threat with the resurgence of monsters and the
dissolution of old alliances. Will they stand the test of time?
“The Field Brings Food, the Dive is Life.”
The Planters
fc584425f110afcb0afd23a6a0a80f41.jpg Don’t let the name fool you, this is no tribe of farmers.
They are named planters for the simple fact that what
they call home is a massive industrial plant, hence the
name. The plant itself is an ancient foundry capable of
synthesizing powerful fuels, arms, armor, and explosives
out of salvage, the products of which they put to use in
their vehicles and weapons. Theirs is a culture of
expedient practicality and might-makes-right. The strong
survive and continue to prosper and the weak are left in
the dust. Unfortunately, this attitude has bubbled up to
even the highest levels of leadership and their bellicose
behavior has put them at odds with other tribes where
once cool diplomatic relationships have turned heated.
“Steel from Slag, Gods from Guns”
The Arboreans
2b6a23ea61b254d99a5bde862713c7f8.jpg A tribe of forest-dwelling folk who live within the Cold Grasp,
a pastoral steppe region within the Arboretum. Here they
receive all they need from the beasts of Air, Earth, Water,
and Metal. They live in a hunter gatherer society that holds
true to a matriarchal tradition of leadership. When coming
of age, the prospective members of the tribe go on a journey
to hunt and study the beasts of metal. As part of the
ceremony, the first metal beast the brave kills becomes
their guardian spirit and their braves adorn themselves with
the features and iconography of this creature. This
adornment ranges from gestalt masks and headgear to all-out
body modification among the more devout. As such, many of
the Arboreans can seem uncomfortably more creature than
human to some, even to their closest allies.
“High-Mother Sleeps, and Remembers Us All”

NPC Tribes and Factions

The Umbramen
The Near-Deads
The False-Life
The Accretian

List of Tribes

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