Key Code

Pathfinder, scout, and hunter in good standing with the tribe.


A lithe hunter with the grace of a cat, Key Code carries herself with the intensity of a predator on the prowl. Her striking amber eyes are set in a youthful face and framed by shoulder length dark gray hair. She has high cheek bones, a small nose, and natural pink lips. All too aware that she is smaller than her male pulse diver counterparts, Key often amplifies her size with the use of an imposing reinforced long coat or a suit of highly advanced powered armor.

Her resting expression is one of attentive curiosity. Although a bright smile or a disapproving scowl is only ever a stone’s throw away.


Character Theme: Skilled Hunter – Key Code has been a pulse diver for a couple years now. While she is still young, she has earned a reputation working alongside Cross as shrewd, effective, and deadly. Despite a poor reputation amongst some in the village for adopting Bug, she is generally well regarded by other Divers.

Character Theme: Tribal Black Sheep – Bug was found deep in the tunnels during one of Key’s first missions. His adoption by her was a hot topic in the town for some time and heavily criticized by several of the noble houses (fearing he was the child of raiders). His bright red hair and blue eyes set him apart from others in the village and make him an easy target. Key’s general aloofness also doesn’t work in her favor. She sometimes clams up in social situations.

Personal Motivation: Key is trapped in the thrill of the hunt. The surge of adrenaline and the rush of exploration and combat hold fast to her as surely as any drug. When combined with a sense of duty to the tribe and her son, Key’s resolve is near unstoppable.

Motivation Shaken: Key has never been seriously injured or captured by an enemy on a Dive before. Right now she feels a sense of invincibility, but her outlook might change drastically after one of these experiences.

Personal Fear: Any harm coming to bug. Failing at a mission and causing the tribe harm in the process.

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Key Code

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