It is the far future. Humanity is on the brink of extinction and society has collapsed to the point where tribalism and superstition are all that bind humanity together. Somewhere along the way, the reigns of the control were wrested away from humanity and they became undesirables in the very world they created.

The world you know and have always known is called “The Sprawl”. A dense urban labyrinthine amalgam of ancient structures so fantastically large and pervasive that no living human knows what the words “sky”, “river”, “canyons”, “Land” or “earth” means anymore. Replacing them are words like “ceiling”, “pipes”, “borders” “block” and “megastructure”. No one remembers a world without The Sprawl, but everyone remembers one thing….. The things that followed them into this world from the old, the things they know through ancient indelible instinctual memory that their ancestors feared….. monsters.

Your tribe is beset on all sides by the horrors of this eternal dark. They are used by daemons, exploited by spirits, killed on sight by false-life, tortured by half-life, plagued by splicers, and crushed by mechromantic monstrosities. These and many other forces conspire and seek to undermine your well being and subvert your grip on life. One is not even safe from other humans who are probably just as desperate as you are.

That said, your tribe is one of the lucky few who has kept some knowledge from the ancients. You hunt and gather with the benefit of ancient technologies and artifacts, you delve deep to recover old tech, and you find ways to exercise limited control over The Sprawls functions to better the lives of your people. Some of you can work the occasional miracle through the spirits in the cities machines and mechanisms. These faint glimmers are what keep your people alive and give you hope in these dark times.

The Sprawl

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