Therm-optic Camo

Makes you invisible


When activated the device is powered for exactly one hour.
Appearing to be a dark blue bodysuit adorned
with pathways of soft light. Demonflesh confers
two abilities. First, the wearer can become
invisible to include any equipment they are wearing.
While invisible, she is specialized in
stealth and Speed defense tasks. This effect
ends if she does something to reveal her
presence or position—attacking, performing an
esotery, using an ability, moving a large object,
and so on. If this occurs, she can regain the
remaining invisibility effect by taking an action
to focus on hiding his position.
Second, the demonflesh wearer can move with
great ease while the device is powered as it grants
an asset to all running, acrobatics, or climbing checks.
Depletion: 1 in 1D4 (Rechargeable)


Therm-optic Camo

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